new BA rooster and hen with her now 2 new chicks. new pics pg 2

Chicken poop, I don't have facebook so I can't see the pics. It's all my parents fault for not letting me have it.
black australorp roo. he has 2 crooked toes that curve under his foot but he walks with no limp and it must of been like that for a while because he doesnt seem to care at all.



nugget hen with her chicks she hatched on 10/5/10.
there would have been 4 chicks but one fell out of the nest and got cold and died they were all yellow i think the 2 smallest ones are serama mixes and i know the bigger one is part silkie cause its got 5 toes im happy i got some to hatch

and as for that big black rooster hes the biggest rooster ive ever seen but im glad hes full grown dont have to wait for him to fill out hes not all feathers either hes heavy
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