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Sep 11, 2009
Belton, TX
ok, so I picked up my 12 new chicks from ideal today. 6 Black Sex Links and 6 Production Reds.

Live about 45 mins from them in TX

They are outside in the hen house with a heat lamp. they are not huddled together. Just kinda snuggled together in clumps.

So far it seems to be holding at right around 90d in there.

They have food and water.

Have I done everything I can for them?

they are just so little - I am scared they are all going to die overnight


(new chick mommy)
they are less than a day old.

I think they were hatched this morning.

thanks for the support. They are just so cute and small and STUPID
(already had to save one from being stuck in the food dish.

I'll sneak outside and see if I can snap a quick pick for ya.

Sounds like you are doing everything right. But there is MAJOR problem. I do not see any pics on your post!!!!! What is up with that?????!!!!!!!!
Sounds good. Will the temp hold at night? Or does it drop 10 or 20 degrees over night where you live?? (It does in my area at this time of year). I guess I wasn't clear on whether it was 90 degrees in the hen house or under the lamp. If they are fuzzies, I would just be sure that you can maintain that temp. under the lamp overnight. And CONGRATULATIONS on your new babies!!
did one last check on the babys.

temp holding just above 90

most of them are sleeping, few still awake.

they are hanging around the edges of the coop but not completely out of the heat lamp range.

Cross your fingers for the rest of the night.

Will Update in the morning.

thanks everyone


How do you all not check on them every 10 mins? forcing myself to go to bed.

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