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    Nov 14, 2008
    Ok everyone tell me what you think... I have a black maran rooster that I bred with my brown EE hens, they (hens) lay blue and green eggs. I have a white rock hen that was broody and hatched five out of six eggs. 1 was not fertile and one chick didnt make it so I now have 2 blacks and 2 silver grey chicks. I was told that a maran rooster crossed with a EE will cause the chicks when grown to lay a dark olive egg? Is this true? Any input will be greatful! Thanks Sam
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    The chicks that have a blue egg laying mom will most likely be olive green layers. But the ones that have moms that lay green eggs might lay green or brown eggs because their mom has a Blue and a brown egg laying gene (making green eggs) and their dad has 2 brown genes so you have 50% of green layers from them. Does that make sense?(and if I have any of this wrong everyone please correct me)
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    Pictures, pictures, pictures?

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