New baby chicks!! Now with pics of mystery chicks!


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I have to post my chick pics! We're so much trouble with our meat birds, that I just look at the babies and feel very thankful!

On May 11th, our first baby chicks arrived!


I ordered Buff Orpingtons, Silver Laced Wyandottes, Barred Rocks, and 2 Easter Eggers for my niece and my daughter. We ended up with 14 in all, 2 more than what I originally ordered, but I was perfectly okay with that!

But...we have 2 mystery chicks! One chick (you can see it in the above picture) is dark brown. As of today, it's still a dark brown, but is starting to get markings on the feathers. It looks completely different than any of the others The other one is almost completely black, with very little white or gray markings.

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I hope to get some pics of the 2 mystery chicks tomorrow. Could they be roosters? Are their markings different at a little less than 2 weeks old?
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Normally when they send extras - - - they are roosters

Unless they are sex linked breeds, the cockerels and pullets don't look any different at this age.
Here is the little chocolate chick....



And here is the mostly all black one....


This little one raised quite the ruckus when I took it out to take its picture!

So, anyone have any guesses? I'm horribly curious!

Oh, and I have to post this one too. This little lady decided she wanted to see me more closely.

We have a Speckled Sussex chick that is younger but looks a lot like your brown chick. I'm not very good at telling the breed when they are chicks, though.
They are taller than the others. I ordered BO's, SLW, and BR, with 2 EE's, and they are all around the same size except for these 2.

The brown one watches me, too. Always stares me down. The other one is starting to get interested in me as well.

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