New baby chicks!


May 18, 2015
Hi all! So yesterday I purchased six new babies from a local store, they are ameraucanas and super precious! It's been about 15 years since we've had chickens so I'm just getting things all figured out. I live in MA and days here right now aren't so bad and for now they will be inside but all they are in is a large box with news paper and pine shavings with food and water in proper dishes (I have brought them outside for 20 minutes a few times during these two days and they love it!!) My boyfriend seems to think a heat lamp is unnecessary because soon they will be outside without one. Is this horrible or is he right?! They are just so cute and I've spent the past two days talking and sitting with them but they are very vocal and if hate for them to be uncomfortable. They aren't huddling or anything and at the moment their mostly doing their own thing.

I've purchased a 250 watt heat lamp but it smells bad so I unplugged it imeadently and personally I think 250 is a bit over kill! Any info from anyone is greatly appreciated but all you in MA I'd love some tips for weather and such!!! Thanks!


5 Years
Apr 19, 2014
NW Florida
This time of year, you might get away with no heat lamp, but it all depends on how feathered out your chicks are. From the picture, yours appear to be about 2-3 weeks old. By that time, they typically will huddle when they go to sleep at night, or when they are cold. If you aren't observing that, then a simple 100 watt light bulb will probably do for them for now.

curious chickee

Mar 18, 2015
central valley, California
Inside my house I use a 75 watt bulb and the chicks sleep on the edges of the light so it is a good temp. My 100 watt bulb was getting to hot. If your coop is ready you can use that 250 watt bulb outside securely fastened and they can spend their whole life outside. Mine are now outside from the start.

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