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Aug 12, 2009
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I had all but given up on my last 6 eggs (started with 24) I had 2 bathes in the bator, and as of yesterday I had 2 of the first batch left(one had to be removed due to 'oozing' and 3 from the second batch. I had gone in this morning to check the humidity and lo and behold...I had a chick hatching from the second batch! (due to hath today!!!) YAY! what? Also, I noticed inside the egg was this lump of yuck with some green and grey...stuff. Is that ok? The chick seems fine so far, between sleeping and stumbling around drunkenly...
I am hoping s/he inspires the others to hatch! Course...we are supposed to leave on vaation this afternoon....
do you have some one coming over to check on the chicks while you are on vacation? I don't think they will make it without supervision.
do you have any pips on the other eggs?

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Yes, my next door neighbor's son is coming over to take are of the rest of our animals while we are gone. I just called his mom and told her there was one more page to the animal guide, lol. He LOVES hickens so I am sure he will hover over this one.

No pips in the other eggs
I am thinking I should find someone who may have had babies 'round here and see if I can get Phin a sibling, no? (Phin is short for Phinneas if its a boy, and Delphinia if its a girl. Next girl will be named Izabella...we are quite elaborate here apparenty, lol)

If I didn't have a big race this weekend, I would totally be staying home! I am so excited!!!

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