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A new book, Backyard Chickens Guide to Coops and Tractors, is now available. This book features 16 chicken coops from members. For each coop, there are color photos of the construction process, and construction diagram, a cutting list, and a description of the construction process. I received mine this week from Amazon and am very impressed. I think it will be a great resource for people looking to build their first coop.
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WOW that looks Great!!
Great timing! DH just finished the floor of our new coop today. I'll order the book now and get it by Tuesday (cheap one day shipping w/ prime) plus I had gift certificates so it was FREE!
I checked my copy of the book and sure enough the measurements in the diagrams are in inches and millimeters. Hopefully some of our coop designs will start showing up in the UK!
Got my book yesterday. It's really nice-the plans are easy to read and I like how there are actual pictures of the construction. There aren't really any coops that would have been just right for us (true to its name, they are all smallish except one but it's built for only a small number of chickens) but it's still helpful to see how everyone built them and the parts (nest boxes, roosts, etc) and I like reading about the people featured. The color photos are really nice!
I think the best thing about the book is that the color pictures, along with the written descriptions, will be enough for even beginners to build a great coop. How many times do we see people posting here that they want coop plans or help in building a coop. Now, not only can they look at all the wonderful coops on the coop pages, they can get the book and have something that will actually help them build.
True, and there are all kinds of coop building methods in the book (some framed, some not, different kinds of windows, nest boxes, etc) so even if someone isn't building a coop directly from the book, the construction methods shown should help just about anyone's coop project.

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