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May 20, 2011
We have 3 chicks that are about 10 days old last night the wife got 1 new little ... we think its a barred rock. This morning the 3 older chicks seemed tired on their time out in the yard. 2 of them were doing a little fall over routine and then they would sit and just sit there for a while. Now they are back in their box and they are mostly the same but a lot more sitting - the 3 sit together a lot almost look like they are brooding. Poop is fine not runny, and they are eating and drinking fine. They just seem tired. And I took one of the ones that was falling over and isolated it for a while outside and it followed me around not like it cant walk. Even tried to fly/jump up on a chair and made it. I dont really know chicken behavior at all so I just dont know what normal is.

Thanks for getting back to me- Here they are. You can see the little black one did have some runny stool. Earlier today I did watch it pass a solid stool.





Gladly, imaged birds do not match my interpretation of your initial description. Chicks look very good. I have recently seen health issues involving chicks frequently falling down and resting and proper treatment was needed quickly.
And now it seems everyone is fine. Actually the chicks have become incredibly affectionate. When we take them out they will choose one person and all jump onto them and roost in their hair and just hang out. Very funny.
Were they maybe sunbathing? I see you're a new egg, and it can be pretty disconcerting the first few times, but it sounds like sunbathing to me, especially the looking like a broody bit. Lounging and stretching in the sun is pretty normal for everybody in great weather
Yea it could have been sunbathing or it could have been dirtbathing. Just kind of awkwardly done. But really they have become so sweet. My 2 girls love taking them out to the yard and feeding them in the grass because they will just jump into their laps or on their shoulders and sit.
that baby black one looks like my rocks when they were small. about 5 weeks ago. they grow like weeds....crazy! they're sweet though.

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