New birds... new symptoms

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6 Years
Apr 24, 2014
Silver Spring, MD
We lost our original flock of 3 hens, perfectly healthy, to a fox the other evening.

So I went back to the place I purchased these from and bought 4 more hens. about 6 days ago.

Now two of them have bubbly eyes and have the terrible respiratory rattle going on. I have separated them from the other two.

I am going to go to our local feed store to see what medications they have. Also, how does one find out where to bring a sick bird to be tested (and if those tests might be free as they are in some states).

We are in Maryland.

I am not opposed to culling if that is the best route for them and us. We do have three barred rock pullets but i have them free ranging and then sleeping in a separate coop.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
I would take them back and disinfect everything. MG and coryza which may be the illness last in the environment only a few days. I would not add them to my flock.

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