New Book: Coturnix Revolution


The Quail Lady
14 Years
Feb 6, 2010
Tampa Bay, FL
Quail Lady (Handler Stellar) has a new book out on Coturnix. This is the most comprehensive book there is on the Japanese Quail!

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Coturnix Revolution is the realization that Coturnix can provide meat and eggs inexpensively and simpler than chicken. Less space requirements and more efficient feed conversion, these birds are excellent sources of protein for the self sufficient lifestyle.
From learning about the history behind the bird to marketing your eggs and meat, Coturnix Revolution gives you a dual purpose guide for the many uses of the bird. You will learn more about this bird than what is shown on the internet and forums with scientific research such as:
- Housing - Nutrition - Health - Egg biology - Reproduction - Variety - Genetics - Incubation -Hatching - Brooding - Breeding - Meat - Self Sufficiency
And much more!

This is the "How to" Guide to the Next Level!

410+ pages, Full Color

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