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Jul 16, 2016
Hi, I'm a newbie, I've hatched a few broods in an incubator and been keeping bantams for several years but have just hatched my first brood (or rather my lovely hen has) naturally. We had two lovely bantams but lost one 3 weeks ago,leaving us with the lonely(and broody) hen issue. I've tried to integrate new hens before but as she was already broody I decided to buy in some fertilised eggs and today we have a very proud mummy chuck. I was quite prepared to separate them at 6 weeks and reintegrate later but if there's no flock is this really necessary? Will she need a break from her offspring or will they just settle into a natural pecking order?
You raised a very good question. Since she is the only grown bird and they are her (adopted ) children, they all know each other. I know I would especially be interested in what happens next. I would think they consider mom to be Alpha. Maybe the kids set up a pecking order among themselves.
Hi and welcome to BYC. Personally I leave all the decisions to momma. She will decide when she is finished being momma. After that usually follows a week of confusion on behalf of the chicks as they get used to the idea that momma is no longer momma, but all is fine.

Best wishes
Welcome to BYC
The hen will "wean" the chicks naturally once they are about 6-7 weeks old. Unless you have one of those hens like the one I have here, that just kicked them out of the nest aged 3 months…

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