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    Aug 4, 2014

    The turkeys are getting big. And we are leaving town!!

    So i had to make another brooder box last night. This will make it easier on our house sitter, as poop won't accumulate nearly so quick with only four turkeys per brooder!

    This is a monster, 60" wide, 32" deep, 28" tall in the back, down to 18" in the front. It is constructed w/ Birch 5/8 Plywood and 2X2 corner supports. We have a framed (w/ 1X2"s) screen that is fitted for the top.

    The feeder is a single 90 degree 3" PVC fitting with a mitred cut feed chute.

    The waterer is a gravity fed double 90 degree elbow 3" PVC waterer.

    The turkeys seem happy!! And that makes me happy.

    25 chicks will be moving in when the turkeys are ready to move out.
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