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Nov 12, 2012
Salem, Missouri 65560
It has been 5 yrs Since I last posted. I am moved 1200 miles across country. I’m starting all over again, but I have two granddaughters of my favorite chickens that I brought with me. I had planned on getting started right away as soon as I found a home. Unfortunately I also became very sick and I’m still recovering. One of the hens probably became broody when I got her home. I now have three lovely little baby chicks that she is taking excellent care of. June 2 I picked up some checks from Cackle Hatchery you’re only an hour and a half from my house.

I only have problem with temperature control whenever I go into the brooder box. Heat escapes quickly. I have one chick, a naked neck That is not thriving. I made up a mixture of probiotics and electrolytes, with a little apple cider vinegar with mother, I added some egg yolk but I dissolved in the mixture, and since I did not have any sugar in the house, are use the simple syrup. Giving up to her with an eyedropper seem to of picked her up. She has a little more strength. Does anyone have any other suggestions for a check that is failing to thrive?

The automatically adjustable temperature is working great, I have it +/- 2°F. When I took the picture it was trying to recover from when I had it open. I have yet to make the cover for it which will help a great deal. Are used greenhouse Vinyl For the panel. In the near future I plan on replacing it with plexiglass. But I made the brooder box out of materials at hand.
😳 The workmanship is not to my standards, but I’m still very weak and have difficulty breathing, plus vertigo does not help. I can’t put my life on hold just because I’m only working on 2 cylinders. I’m hoping that by fall I’ll have at least three cylinders up and running.


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As a general suggestion--are you trying to keep the entire brooder at one temperature? Chicks often seem to do better if they have a warm place and a cooler place, and they can run back and forth. The usual temperature guidelines work fine for the warm part, and the cool part can be anything cooler than that.

I don't see quite how you're heating that brooder, so I don't know how easy it is to have it heat just one end. (A heat lamp is easy to adjust--just move it to one end. But it does not look like that's what you're using.)

Since you've got some adult chickens already, I assume you know how quickly the chicks will outgrow that brooder space :)

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