New Button Owner-SHE LAID AN EGG!!


10 Years
Jul 10, 2009
So. California
I just got two chicks from my old teacher/friend who raises buttons (my dad calls them butt-hole quail
), and they are now full grown, and last night I checked their aquarium....
It was sitting in the corner behind the ferns I gave them!! It was so cute, tiny, dark brown with speckles!!
This morning, another!! A lighter brown with less speckles!!
I like buttons because they are sooo cute and the noise they make is soo eerie and beautiful!!
but they arent friendly at all :[
Even as chicks
Chickens chicks=curious, imprint easily
Button chicks=skitterish, quick, fearful
Still, they are sooo pretty, and cute!
One is blue with a bib and red butt and the other is brown with scale-looking feathers :]
my boy (i think the blue one is) looks like the one in your photo!!

and yea, they have a whole mess of little brown freckled eggs in the corner of their cage :]

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