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Hey Everybody!

We have a lot of amazing members and we're working on ways to recognize various members of our community. We've installed a system that will allow the moderators to hand out awards / badges based on specific criteria. You'll start to seeing some of these awards / badges under the avatars of some members.

Here are a few examples of the first awards we'll be giving out:


4 Year Anniversary!
Members who have received this award have been active members of our community for 4 wonderful years! Don't call them "old"... they prefer to be called "Seasoned BYCers"!


The "Greeter" award is given to members that are most active in welcoming the new members to our community, especially the "New Member Introductions" section of the site:

giving the award we look for a combination of:
1) How long they've been welcoming new members
2) How many new members they welcome
3) The quality and friendliness of their welcome

We'll be adding a bunch of other awards and are open to our members submitting suggestions for awards. NOTE: The awards should be based on things that we can measure. A general "Good member award" wouldn't work because all our members are good members in various areas. We need suggestions for awards that are somewhat quantifiable and can be qualified.

If you know someone that should be nominated for an award you can use the "report" link on one of their posts and in the notes put:

1) The award to which you are nominating them
2) Why you think they should receive the award

The moderators will review the nomination and see if the member meets the requirements.

We hope this new system will be fun for everyone, will help encourage and recognize our wonderful members! Here is a list of the current awards. You can click on the award to see everyone who has received them:

Looking forward to your ideas and suggestions!
What about awards the will help new members in specific catagories. Like a "breed comentator" a person who has tried to help identify numerous breeds of birds and is constantly helping people figure out gender, sex, breed?

Just an idea.

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