New BYC Feature Announcements: PM Notification & Mass Move


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We're very excited to announce two new features:

1) The ability to move multiple Private Messages at once to folders
2) A new optional "New Private Message" email notification system

The amazing programmer that helped design the folder feature upgrade to the forum was reading that our members were requesting the ability to be notified via email of new Private Messages and also the ability to move multiple messages at once into folders. He went ahead and built these new upgrades and we've just installed them!

Here are more details:

Mass PM Move:

1) Go into your PM box
Click the "Move multiple messages " link at the bottom of the page.
3) Select the PMs you want to move
4) Click the "move" button
5) Select the folder you want to move your messages into.

PM Email Notification:

If you haven't been active on the forum or are logged off and someone PMs you you will receive an email that you've got a new PM.

Like subscriptions to threads you will only receive one email until you login again.

If you log in / out of the forum often and also receive many PM's throughout the day you can disable this feature by clicking the "disable" link in the email you receive or by going into your PM box and clicking the "Disable" link at the bottom of the page next to the text: "PM email notification currently enabled".

If you have any questions or problems with these new features please let us know by replying to this thread!


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Thanks! I just added a folder, moved a couple of PMs, disabled and enables the email notification - very easy to use!

One possible tiny thing that may pose a problem for users not familiar with folders. If you have no folders, the system will let you select folders to move, and the move to selection menu shows up empty -- if users have trouble with this, it might help to show "no folders exist" on the selection menu or to display the message that there are no folders to move the PMs to and that they must first select manage folders from their PM window. Just a thought.

Fabulous upgrade, thanks SO much, Nifty!
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