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Aug 26, 2016
Skandia, MI.
My husband brought our first 3 Buff Orpington's home last summer, and have getting 3 eggs a day, most days, from them. I started spoiling them right away, cutting up tomatoes, bread, sharing watermelon with them, cottage cheese & yogurt, etc.
Then we got 3 week old white leghorns in April. We kept them in a cage in the house, till it got warm enough outside, to put them out with the others. They get picked on a little, but not hurt, just let them know who is boss. I spend time with them, feeding them different things, talking to them, petting them, and whenever I go out the back door, they all look, waiting to be fed.
Is there a place I can go to get unique names for each ones. We have different colored leg bands on them so we can tell them apart, just need names, now. Thank you.


Mar 26, 2017
Welcome to BYC! We are glad to have you here. My family got me four little black laced wyandotte chicks for my birthday and I was so happy! How I decided their names, were from something I loved, their behavior or their appearance. I named a really dark one Coconut, the next I named Ivy, and then I named the other two Kim and Siara, both characters from a comic book I made. Now, for the bands. You can purchase those at Walmart, maybe lowes, and Tractor supply. Don't forget to buy them little charms too! They'll look cute with those! We first used plastic bands used for crafts, that were different colors. Then, we decided... I decided to paint their claws with fingernail polish. They look FABULOUS! Except you have to reapply it every now and then. And it's very hard because, well, they're chickens! I hope that this information will be useful to you!

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