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Oct 29, 2018
My little family and I are city folk who have recently moved to the country. I commute an hour to work, but we now have so much space. I have an educational background in agriculture, but never lived in the country. We are so excited to start our foray into backyard chickening.

We are building our coop right now. We plan to get chick's in April. We want 5-6 birds, all friendly and docile. We're thinking cochins, orpingtons, olive eggers, and faverolles. A mixed flock.

We're excited.

I'm also into gardening, knotting, crocheting, crafting and cooking.

In my family there is me, Mom, my husband, Dad and our 9 yo son, Zaccary. We have two indoor cats and a hermit crab. As I said, we were city folk.

I work as microbiology lab Technologist for our Provincial Governments Animal Health lab

I joined BYC because I wanted to find more information and support.

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