New call duckling, one eye staying closed?


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Apr 18, 2009
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Had two call ducks hatch out yesterday. Placed them in the brooder this morning and one seems to have an issue with one of his eyes.

He's keeping the one eye closed, only seen him open it once or twice. The other eye is nice and wide open. The other duckling is fine too. They both are eating and drinking.

I tried rinsing the eye out with an eye dropper, but no change. I did not see anything in it and the eye looks fine otherwise. Any ideas/suggestions?
The only expereance I had was with one of my Pekin ducklings. I assumed she was itching that area and maybe scratched herself...

At the time all I had was a basic antibiotic ointment for the I put a little on 3 X daily. Within a day in a half....she had both eyes opened...

My one and only expereance...

Best to you both...
My mutt Uno had trouble with both her eyes when she hatched due to humidity issues in the incubator. I swabbed them daily with saline solution. After about 4 days they started to ungunk. Fortunately, there was no permanent damage.
well, it wasn't getting any better as the day went I improvised...

I use what I had handy at the a dash of common sense...!!!

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Well just ordered some Terramycin Antibiotic Ophthalmic from Dr. Fosters. Dam overnight shipping was 25.00, but as long as the little guy's eye get's better, that's all that matters. Will rinse with saline until it arrives.

If I am lucky I will wake up tomorrow and it will be fine

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