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My wife just brought home a spayed and vaccinated cat. It has been an outside cat and we will continue with that. How long do I need to leave it locked in the garage with food and water so it recognized this is now its home? I don't want it to wander off when I let it outside.
Just wondering how old it is?? My cats are indoor/outdoor, I kept them inside until they were about 2 months old - HOWEVER, I think every cat is different. As long as they know where their food source is and comes from, they will be back.
depends on the cat just wait untill it seems calm and comfortable its also a good idea to put in a travel crate outside in a calm place for a while so it can take in the place so its less likely to make the great escape when you let it out, good luck
When we moved I kept the cats in the back room w/ chicken wire over the door and would leave it open so they could see outside and get used to the surroundings. If the garage has windows open them and let the cat see the outside. Take the cat outside on occasion and let it look around. Carry it of course so it doesn't run off. Do this for about a month or two. You should be good.

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I agree with Dust Bunny - cats are such individuals and have to be "played by ear". I'm wondering, though, if you have a good reason to let it out. They are usually quite content to stay inside, but if they are allowed out, they can and will kill a lot of birds.

We have three, all rescued from the outdoors (people often dump them and dogs near my rural home), and they are not allowed to go outside. That doesn't mean they don't, of course, since they are cats and therefore very sneaky.
However, their total outside time for the last five years has amounted to less than 24 hours, and it has not affected their happiness and contentment.


It will just run away and move into my backyard with the other 8 strays.

Imp- BTW would you like another 8 cats?

IMO- the previous advice is good, Wait till the cat is settled, comfortable, and well fed. Slowly introduce it to your yard. It may not be possible but if it can get lots of attention from your family (maybe in the house) that will help also. Good of you to take it in.
She is destined to be a mouser, hanging around the coop and feed storage area. No bell around her neck. She will sleep in the garage, at least until the weather warms up, then we will see if she wants to sleep in the garage or in the storage shed. We do want to pet her and make her comfortable around us and enable us to catch her if we need to, but she will not be a house cat. A lap cat? If I ever sat down when I am outside, maybe, but that is rare unless I'm breaking beans.



Ideally, there would be a window for the cat to look out to get it's bearings, as cats are very sight-oriented. I would give it at least a week. Congrats on your new cat!
She's very pretty. I wish her a long and happy life.
When I brought Kitty home like four years ago, she was three weeks old. First she wasn't s'pose to stay but the weekend (while I tried to find her a home). Then it was she could stay, but outside as a mouser. Then DH made the huge mistake of climbing a pole to rescue her after a bobcat hybrid got after her. Now he's her hero and she spends most evenings on his lap in front of the TV.

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