new chick from New Mexico


Jul 29, 2016
Hi all. New to chickens but have been lurking here for ... years. Received 12 1-day old Buckeyes on May 16th, who lived in a trough/brooder for 4 weeks in my bedroom (gaah!!), then graduated to the garage, and have finally made it outside into their coop/run for the last couple of weeks. They mostly free-range during the day on a couple of acres guarded by our dog, who drooled on them and licked them over the top of the bedroom-brooder while they were inside, although we're all still in the working-things-out phase. Everything I've learned about chickens I've learned from the collective wisdom of this site, and here I am finally thinking I might have something to contribute (along with lots more to learn).

Hi :welcome

Glad you could join us here! Congrats on getting your new chickens adventures underway :clap I'm sure they enjoy their time out free ranging, it's always nice to give them lots of room and lots of fresh air after being in the brooder.

Wishing you the very best of luck and enjoy your time here on BYC :frow
So far the Buckeyes are awesome. Wanted a good dual-purpose breed for a small homestead flock. So far my observations is that they're cold hardy, heat tolerant, pretty quiet, docile, great hunters (lizards beware!) with good instincts while free-ranging. Our roo is young, so we'll see if he remains calm and docile when the hormones kick in and he has the opportunity to become evil. He's very protective already, but gentle. Was between Buckeyes and Welsummers. We shall see.

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