10 Years
Oct 1, 2009
I used to have chickens at my parents house when I was 12 so it has been a while. I am now 37 and my 9yr old daughter is being given a really young chick Friday 10/2 and I need help and advice on feeding, housing, etc. Help!
Just one. I dont think they are over 5 days old. No idea on breed. I guess it's a suprise.
With one that young you will need some type of cage or pen area and a heat lamp to keep it warm. You will probably want to get at least one more chick to keep it company or it will chirp all the time. Chickens are very social animals. Need a small feeder and waterer and some chick starter/grower feed. That would get you started. At that age, the temp at back height should be about 95 degrees. Each week the temp can be lowered by 5 degrees. You can put a bit of sugar in the water to entice it to drink. We use a cage for our brooder and place a old towel down in it until they are about two weeks old. But you can use a large box or whatever you have. The light needs to be adjustable in height or intensity to regulate the temp. If the chick shy's away from the light it is too hot. If it sits directly below it, it is probably too cold.
Great. There is a Orschlen's store close so I will go there after work for supplies. I have a 10gal aquarium that I will probably use to house him and a reflector light for heat. I just need food and a waterer.

You can use the aquarium just watch as it doesn't get too warm, they can really hold in the heat . Just a little info. from a concerned chick lover. Happy farming.
Got the chick. No idea what kind it is. It is yellow with white feathers on the wing tips. Looks bigger than I thought it would. Loves drinking water. Pics will folow once the Mrs returns from a trip with the camera. Any guesses on the breed?

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