new chick isn't opening eyes


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8 Years
May 21, 2011
Just got home from work and it seems a chick hatched while I was away. It wasn't with mom though. It was a ways away from her. It was very chilled and weak so I had it drink then put it under a heat lamp. It is perking up but not opening its eyes. Has anyone ever had this before? Do I need to bathe the eyes with something to help it out. The sockets aren't sunken in or anything, in fact it looks like eye movement under the lids. What do you think?

Poor little guy

Warm water on something very soft should help.
Chicks can hatch sticky sometimes and I'm guessing his eyes should be fine by how you are describing it.
Not sure this one is going to make it. I bathed its eyes and it can open them now, but never more than a slit (a diagonal slit at that!) After 24 hours it still is lethargic and barely opens it eyes. Often rocks over backward. I'm making sure it drinks periodically, but it does not show much of a will to live. It was a late hatcher. I'm wondering if that combined with getting chilled has been too much. I'm also wondering if it is blind.
Even when it tries to walk around the eyes are closed. Cute little thing too. Also shows no interest in food even though I have ground up starter crumble sprinkled all over the paper towel.


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