New Chick Mama in MA


7 Years
May 19, 2012
Have been loving this site for more than a month before we finally decided to go out and get our new babies. We went to the feed store and was not impressed - answered a Craigslist posting and met a family that breeds beautiful chickens, all on site. Well, we purchased 10 wonderful babies from Nate, Kelly and Brook at just a day or so old. Now they are almost 3 weeks old and growing.... well... I suppose as fast as chickens do! Which is amazing! I feel like I'm trapped in some time lapse photography studio watching them develop. We have a lovely Buff Orp, some Cochins, Frizzles, White LH X, Marons... well, you get the idea... I got sucker punched by those cuties. Now we are almost finished framing our coop - now the good weather is here we can finish it outside. I will post pictures - neither I nor my husband have ever built anything like this before but it is looking quite professional so far!


8 Years
Aug 26, 2011
Hello and :welcome

Your coop is looking good! :thumbsup
It's amazing how fast those chicks grow, I was away on holiday for three weeks when a couple of mine were youjnger, and I couldn't recognise them when I got back o-o

Don't hesitate to ask any quesitons you might have, and enjoy the site :D

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