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  1. flopsy

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    Apr 29, 2008
    Hi, y'all. My rooster has given in and now says his chick can have chickens in a coop. Our best place, I think, to build the coop and run is an old dog kennel (has concrete floor with chain link embedded into it which would keep critters from digging in. Questions . . . Do I need to build a large layer of dirt/sand onto the concrete to help with the chicks' legs? Oh, we're gonna build the coop inside the kennel. A friend is giving me two grown chicks and two babies and a baby rooster. We won't be able to afford some of the fancy coops I've seen on here (wish we could 'cause they are so cute!). The kennel is about 8 ft. wide and about 12-15 ft. long. We're gonna cut a hole in the side of the fence to give the chicks a way out of the house for the day, and have a covered run that will be about 15x20. What's the best and easiest way (under old trees with big roots there) to make the run inacessible to digging mean critters who would hurt our chicks? Please, any and all suggestions and ideas . . . Our chicks thank you and so do we!
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    [​IMG] Hi, and welcome. So glad your " rooster" has decided to add chickens to your family. [​IMG]
    Now, Im not sure I have this right....there is a concrete dog run, with chain link fence....and you are going to build the coop over the concrete? If so....great idea!! Once you get the coop built, you can add pine shaveings on the concrete. I wish I had concrete base for my coops. They would be so much easier to clean...and as you said...very predator proof!
    For the NOT use chicken wire. It will keep the chickens in, but will not keep predators out. There are several ideas under "coop and run designs" You will want to bury the fencing at least 10 inches or so....bent out at an angle, and covered with dirt. This will help stop digging predators. Ifyou decide to use chain link for the run...just remember...a coon can, and will reach through it and pull a chicken through the fencing. Best to go with hardware cloth if you can afford it. Its very pricey. My best advice is....have fun creative...look at construction sites for free lumber, shingles, heck, even sometimes windows! Check your local "Craigs list" for lumber, paint, supplies. Oh...and dont forget to get pictures of the construction....before, dureing and after! We LOVE pics!!
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    Apr 15, 2008
    Dunlap Illinois
    I've found that if you lay chicken wire on the ground around your fence, say - 12 to 18 inches & have it run up your fence about 6 inches foxes can't dig through.

    Make sure you use galvanized wire intended for outdoor use or it will rot away very quickly.
  4. midget_farms

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    Apr 15, 2008
    Dunlap Illinois
    Just to clarify - the fence can't be chicken wire as justusnak said, but I have had no problems with using it as a guard against digging.

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