New chick on the block!


10 Years
May 16, 2012
Hi everyone!

Newly subscribed today having found this website to be the ultimate go to guide for me and my 3 hybrid girls! We've been proud owners for just over one week now and had our first egg 2 days ago (glad to see everyone else was just as 'cock-a-hoop' about theirs too!)

We are in the UK, on the Somerset levels and very very happy to be chook owners. With a new challenge every day - yesterday we started water pistol treatment on our British short hair silver tabby who is delighting in her new role of chicken chaser, much to their will be me being brave enough to pick one of the girls up....have watched all the videos about keeping feathers close to side etc and know I must master it to be a good chook owner but still feelinga bit chicken about it.....incase I hurt them...or they hurt me.!!!

Looking forward to learning much more from all you BYC eggsperts (sorry - couldn't help myself!) and maybe giving a bit of my slowly gained wisdom back one day too.
Hello and
Hello and :welcome

Congrats on your eggs, always exciting when chickens start laying!
I am from the UK too. I know there are a few English folk on here.
Don't hesitate to ask any questions you might have, and enjoy the site. :D

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