New chick pecking and grabbing eyelids

Urban Daisy

Apr 29, 2015
Kenai, Alaska
Help! This is my first time with chicks. We just got some new ones today that are 1-3 days old. Also have older (8 days) in the brooder already. The issue is with my white plymouth rock chick who is one of the new ones. She is walking around from chick to chick grabbing their lower eyelids and pulling on them. She won't stop.
Is this something that will last or is it just a temporary thing?
What can I do to assure she doesn't hurt my other chicks or draw blood?
Thanks in advance!
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I had a chick pecking everyone. I put a stone paver (from the garden) in with the chicks as a distraction. IT WORKED!!! She stopped pecking the others and started on the stone. Maybe it can work twice. Best of luck.
I read on another thread to draw dots on wall of brooder so they have something else to peck at. So I did that and put up two small mirrors in the brooder. All the other chicks are LOVING that except bully-girl. She's still pulling and pecking eyelids. It seems she only does it to the light colored chicks and passes by the brown and dark ones. I'll see what else I can find to put in there to try to distract her.

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