New chick that leans to one side?


Aug 16, 2016
New Hampshire
Hey! So I have a chick here that has had a very traumatic past couple days. Here's where I went wrong; Originally, the egg was set under a broody hen while I was on vacation. I don't know when it was set or what day. So four days ago now, the chick pipped. 24 hours later, it started unzipping, but instead of zipping around the egg, it zipped up the egg. I decided to just leave it alone and let nature take it's course. The chick basically made a hole. It didn't unzip the egg like anything I've ever seen. Then it just stopped working at the egg altogether. Another 36 hours later, nothing had changed so I looked at a few forums about assisted hatching. I followed everything the forums said, and the chick looked quite healthy while it was still in the egg. Once it came out of the egg though, turns out the chick was early. There were three blood vessels still attached to the chick and egg that hadn't dried out, and the yolk sack was still attatched to the chick. All of the yolk had been absorbed, but the sack hadn't fallen off. Instead of making the chick pull around the half of the egg with the blood vessels still attatched to it, I pulled out the membranes to try and avoid a hemorrhage. There was no bleeding at all. We left the chick in the incubator for about an hour and a half and then moved it to our "mini brooder" that is the same heat as the incubator just with a lower humidity. We only put one chick in there at a time just to help it to dry off and fluff out. I took some thread and tied off the yolk sack and overnight, both the yolk sack and the blood vessels dried up and fell off. Now today, the chick is still very, very weak. I've also found out that he has splay legs and crooked toes. I've started the necessary treatment for both conditions and have been giving the chick gatorade to drink to try and help get some sugar and electrolytes into him. I've offered food, and he doesn't want any, but that's understandable considering all of the yolk he's absorbed. He looks better today, but now lays on his stomach with his legs straight out behind him and when I can get him to stand, his neck is bent slightly and he just falls over after standing for a couple seconds. He's been pooping, and the temperature in the mini brooder is exactly at 99 degrees F. I'm almost worried that his falling is because of a neurologic disorder. Is there anything else I can do to help him? I really don't want to lose this chick if I can avoid it. He's improved since yesterday which is the only reason I haven't put him down yet. Any help is greatly appreciated! Thank you so much!

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