New Chick Today

Mister B

8 Years
Feb 7, 2013
NW Alabama
I got 4 barred rock hens and a rooster last Spring. They did well, I had lots of eggs and I hatched out a small batch (about 20) and sold the chicks. Over the winter, 3 of my hens escaped their enclosure and were captured by neighborhood dogs. My one remaining hen will not go to the barn to roost. She prefers to stay in a small wooded area in their pasture (they share with a goat and her 2 kids). I had kept eggs for a while while she was staying in the barn and put them in the incubator a few weeks ago. This morning I have one small peeper in the incubator. I have some replacement hens coming in a few weeks from the hatchery (Rhode Island Reds and Gold laced Wynadottes) Hoping for more eggs to hatch in a few days. My plan is to have 25+ hens and a couple roosters by this Fall. They have an acre to free range, so I figure that's enough chickens.

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