New Chick w/Missing toes


10 Years
Apr 29, 2009
Kiowa, CO
Our one and only PB Cochin chick that hatched from our shipped 7 eggs, is missing the last toe on each foot. There are little stubs, but not a full grown toe and claw. She straddles to walk and seems to have a hard time balancing. Will she adjust and be able to walk normally or could this be a problem later on. I think the postal service really did a number on these eggs, as the remaining six eggs looked like scrambled eggs when we opened them up. I am amazed this little chick made it this far.
many times toe problems are due to high incubation temps.

I have a couple of 5 week olds with crooked toe issues and they way they run around, you would never know it.
She will find her own way of living, let her be, and she will and is fine!!!! Missing a pinkie toe on each foot is no biggie. We humans dont really use ours anyway!

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