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Jun 15, 2013
Hi everyone from the UK. Hope you all had a lovely Easter.
So today is the day we pick up our new chickens, I'm pretty sure got everything we need, but just wanting reassurance. Can someone give me essential checklist so I can tick it off.
Many thanks. We getting 4 hens for a large enclosure in our backyard. They have a huge space so won't be free to roam around the garden x

Welcome to BYC!

Have your coop ready with roost bar, nest boxes, some fake eggs for the boxes. Fresh water in the fonts, layer feed in the feeders, oyster shell on the side for the layers, of course some treats for the girls to help settle their nerves. Make sure your coop and run is safe from predators. When you bring them home, move slowly around them, try not to pick them up much or a couple weeks so they don't stress to much. Go sit on the ground with them and offer up some treats to help them bond with you. And give them time to start back up with laying, if they are at laying age. Many times chickens will stop laying for a couple weeks til they get comfortable with their new digs.

Good luck with your new hens and keep us posted! Pics are always nice too.
Trying to add a pic to show my lovely girls, daisy, belle, Pepsi and Shirley. Not sure how to upload it. They very happy in new home. I let them have couple of hours in their pen then picked them up and put them in the coop.
Very lovely!! Give them time to adjust to their new digs. I hope they bring you many years of love and eggs!!!

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