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Hi Friends,
My husband is building the coop, I've pretty much decided on the types of hens we want, and I'm probably over-studying what in the world I'm doing, but I still have questions and concerns. Last night, this one woke me up: Are the timed doors for coops worth the $$$ and does anyone have concerns about using them? I worry about our once a month weekend away over the summer, and who I might get to come let the girls out at the crack, then come back to lock them up. we are out on a farm, not suburbia, so it would be a little inconvenient for the morning. Also, If I plan on putting the coop inside our fenced yard, then completely fencing in the coop, would it be safe to leave the coop ladder hatch open for them? I know some just let them do their thing and aren't very fussy, but I think as a beginner, and all I'm gathering, I should lock them up. (I'll probably be a fussy-side keeper...) And has anyone ever kept a coop close to the house? we are planning to put ours against the back side for shade in Summer and protection in winter, with a long run attached. Thanks for your feed back! P.S. The farm is not a working farm and we don't have a barn.


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Hello :frow and Welcome To BYC! You might want to check out the Reviews section, there are member reviews on a number of the automatic doors. (I don't use one.) and there are quite a few threads on them, long one that covers a lot of ground
With leaving the coop door just open, it depends on how predator proof your run is / what predator problems you have. If everything is secure, no reason not to leave it open. We don't have a coop real close to the house, if you do a search there are a number of threads on it one thing to keep in mind is electric, easier if you have to run it or use extension cords.

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I have no experience with the auto doors but, I would worry about some chickens not getting back in time and being locked out.

As to moving the coop close to the house, some insurance companies require a certain amount of space between the both of them. Chicken coops are considered fire hazards.


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Welcome to BYC!

Drumstick Diva X2. I do not have any experience with auto doors, but I would be afraid that chickens will get stuck outside before the door closes at night. And I wouldn't think having the door close really late is a good idea either. Too many predators could be lurking. I like to get my birds in at dusk and do a head count to make sure. BUT you could always use the auto door for opening in the morning and do a manual at night.

Welcome to our flock and enjoy all your new poultry adventures!
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