New chicken lady with some gender questions and behavioral


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Sep 6, 2013
I picked up four heritage breeds from someone downsizing. A blue Orpington , a Welsummer, black Marans and an auracauna. They are approx 20plus weeks old. The marans( little Jerry). Has just started to crow last week. This week the blue Orpington started. I am wondering about the Welsummer. I think ( big red) could be a he. The Auracauna is starting to get squirrelly. Running from the blue Orpington. Like she is in fear. Any thoughts on the sex? I've not had any eggs. Either someone could be an eater. Or is it. Possible with just four birds. If. Two or three are Roos, would that stress out a hen from laying? Thanks in advance
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The stress from moving would stop any egg production for awhile, if they were laying already. Some hens settle in a resume laying quickly though, hopefully they won't make you wait too long.

More than one rooster in such a small group is going to cause problems, unfortunately. They are going to fight with each other and over mate the hens and someone's going to get hurt sooner or later. You'll have to either rehome one or get a few more hens, so they'll each have their little group of ladies. Gender wise it's hard to tell from the pic, I'd suggest post some clear individual pics of each in the Breed/Gender section for opinions:

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