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6 Years
Apr 27, 2013
NW Georgia
Hi everyone!

I've been living in the country for the last few years, but I am new to raising chickens. I bought my first house in August of 2012, and ever since, I've been looking forward to getting my own backyard flock! I've found this site to be an excellent resource for getting myself ready to bring home my girls (& guy).

For the last few weeks my dad has been helping me build our backyard pen, nest, & roost for our upcoming newbies! Today we go to get them & bring them home!

I'm not sure about the breeds, but I understand some are Americauna, Rhode Island Red, & Buff Orpington. They are about 3 months old, and won't be laying for another 2 months, which gives us all some time to get acquainted.

I'm looking forward to sharing my own stories about what I learn through trial & error, and I will certainly keep coming here for advice from all of you "chicken specialists"

And so the chicken adventure begins!!
I sure will! It's raining here right now, but hopefully I'll get some pictures of my gals tomorrow. They are gorgeous! Each one looks different.
Almost all of them are mixed breeds. I've got 3 game hens, 1 Americauna, and the rest are mixes of RIR, Black copper marans, & I think a type of Orpington.
My roo is beautiful! He almost looks like a peacock
Here's a few pictures of my flock! I've got 1 rooster, 3 game hens, 1 ameracaunas, and the other 6 are all mixed breeds (orpingtons, RIR, Ameracauna, & black copper marans). 2 of them might be roos, but I'm not sure. The breeder said he would switch them out for more hens if they turn out to be roos.

My (blue?) Ameracauna

Below - Might be a roo?

My beautiful Roo - and the white one might be a roo too...?

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