New Chicken Mom needs help!


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Jul 17, 2016
Hi Everyone!

I am new to raising chickens and having such a blast! I have two questions:

This is a picture of our bantam, Ella, although I'm beginning to think that Ella may be a fella! Can anyone confirm? Also, I'm having some difficulty figuring out her breed. She was in a brooder that contained mixed bantam breeds.

Question 2: When I bought the chicks in early June they were roughly 2 weeks old. The girl at the farm sold me a 40 lb bag of chick crumbles, which is about half full. Is there anything I should be supplementing them with so they get the required nutrients and protein or is this feed sufficient?



I read that the feathers on a Roo are more pointed at the tips and shinier than in hens. Her feathers colors seem spottier too which I also read is consistent with a male. Also, since I'm not sure what breed she I don't know what to compare her to.
I know...I'm clueless!


It might be a little early to tell. Yes, the chick starter is sufficient for them till laying age. Your little chick looks like a old english game, probably silver duck wing. In about a week post again and I can tell gender.

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