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May 14, 2015
So two weeks ago I started my flock with 6 Rhode Island Reds, 5 Barred Rocks and one NE Red. A week ago I got five Buffies. All are thriving except one of the NE Reds. She has barely grown at all and even though she is a week older than the Buffies, they are already larger. She seems to be eating and drinking but not growing. At this point she is n't being picked on by the larger chicks but I am concerned. Any suggestions?
Have you observed this small one's habits to determine if it has a normal appetite, and if it's pooping normally? Also, is it as active as the others? Or does it act lethargic, standing most of the time in one spot while the others race around it?

If it's not behaving, eating, and pooping normally, then you must take immediate steps or you may lose it. Poultry Nutri-drench will get nutrients into this chick in a manner that ordinary food can't do. I would treat the chick with it regardless.

If it doesn't want to eat, try crumbled tofu. I sprinkle the Nutri-drench over the top. This saved a very small, weak chick I was raising two years ago.

If the chick is normal in every respect but size, then it would be safe to take a wait and see approach.
Thanks I'll try the Nutri-drench. She seems to behave like the others and is eating and drinking just fine.

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