New chicken mom!


5 Years
May 16, 2017
I have wanted to have chickens for years. This year for mothers day I received a coop and 6 chicks! It was the best mothers day ever. My grandchildren love them. I have been doing a lot of reading about raising chickens this past week. It has been challenging weather in Michigan this past week, but so far so good. Everyone seems happy & healthy. Can't wait to see them grow and start laying eggs!
Welcome to Backyard chickens. Hope you will visit the Learning Center at top of page. It is a great starter for newbies and can even answer questions you haven't thought of yet.
Thanks for the welcome. I am reading daily on all different chicken topics. I hope to start building a run for my darlings soon. There are soooo many designs to choose from . It's another cold night. Made sure the heat lamp is working and all are snug and warm.
Here are my beautiful girls! So far they don't have names yet, waiting to see their personalities. I have assigned them numbers. Number 3 is the ones that likes to look at the camera.
We bought chickens at the Co-op, but they are three times the size now and roosting in the tree.


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Welcome to BYC, My brother also lives in Mich. and says the same thing. He said it don't know if its winter or summer. NO real in between at all.

I think that Mothers Day Gift was the best. How did they hide that from you so you didn't hear chirping from them chicks?

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