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May 25, 2020
Hi everyone!
My husband and I are new chicken parents and realize we have a lot to learn! We got our chickens via mail order and received them at 4 days old. Tiny babies! We ordered 15 "Easter Eggers" and the company sent 19 because, to my understanding, some do not make the long journey so they send extras. Two passed away in the first two days but the remaining 17 are doing well and are now 7 weeks old.

The one real issue we have is that one of my girls is a cross beak. We do our best to make sure she gets enough food and to make sure of that I make her a mash every morning consisting of ground chick feed, oatmeal, dried mealworms and grit. (I do not grind the grit) She absolutely LOVES it as well as her sisters do too so I make extra to make sure she gets enough. But what do you all suggest for waterers? We just switched from the trough waterer to nipple waterer but we want to make sure she is getting enough. We know she is getting enough food because she is the same size as her sisters. She is definitely not the smallest chick! And she is really active too!

We know that raising chicks will never be for profit. Our girls more than make up for that with their entertainment value! Their personalities are really coming through. They are even starting to recognize their names! (Yes, I have named all of our girls)

I found BYC through Goggle looking for advice for my cross beak girl. I am positive that I will have a plethora of other questions as well. Thank you all for letting me join and I look forward to the chicken camaraderie!

Have a wonderful day!

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