New Chicken Mom.....:)


12 Years
Jun 17, 2009
West Valley City
Hi everybody. I just got my first chickens this morning. I got 3 Americanas; 1 buff; 1 Rhode Island Red (her name will definitely be "Lucille" and 1 Sexlink. I will be posting their pics soon. I had chickens many years ago, but their moms raised them. Now I am a surrogate mother to these 6 little peeps. My husband has never had chickens before so he is really excited. My 1 year old grandson is curious but non committal, but my Kelpie, Princess is glued to the brooder. There is a one inch pile of drool where she has been My other dog, Kyrah is fairly indifferent at this time. I want my dogs to be friends with these chickens......And they will be!

We just built a really neat chicken coop and of course spent way more money than we planned. Thankfully, we had lots of scrap lumber from some other projects, so we saved quite a bit there. I will post pics of that too.

All my grown kids think I am a little strange for putting chickens in such a small back yard......but than I have always done strange things according to

Well, that's about it for now. We are all excited to start on this new venture.:
from Wisconsin. We bought some supplies for building our coop, and of course those "used" windows someone offered weren't good enough, so, I know what you mean! The chooks are worth it, can't wait for those eggs!

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