New chicken momma from Indiana :-)


May 26, 2020
I decided to hop on here and introduce myself!:)
I just got what I hope to be 6 pullets from Rural King almost 5 weeks ago. :loveI have wanted chickens for a few years now and since I’ve been home more due to the pandemic, I decided to take the plunge. In addition to my 6 babies I have one adult hen that was recently rescued from a grocery store parking lot. If no one claims her then she will become part of the flock when the littles get big enough :)
I have several animal friends that live with me including three dogs , three mini donkeys, two mustangs I adopted from the BLM and several barn cats.
When things were normal I was usually on the stage Each weekend with my band singing and playing bass but of course all our gigs have been canceled for awhile🤘.
But that leaves more time to do things with my new hobby 🐣

I’m also an elementary music teacher but school is now officially out so I found this forum through researching about chicken care , etc. before purchasing my six.:woot

Besides playing music, I love to bake and camp out with hubby in our vintage campers.✌

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