New Chicken Not Doing Well, Please Help


Mar 2, 2016
Hi, I never thought i'd do it, but I ordered some chickens with a friend of mine through the mail. We received them today and unfortunately there were 3 dead ones in the box. I have 5 myself and one just doesn't seem right. She wont move that much unless startled and she wont open her eyes for long. I don't want to loose her. She hasn't eaten anything since we brought her home this morning at 6. and when we help her drink, by dipping her beak into water she takes a while then throws her head back for a long time and almost falls over. Any suggestions? I added vitamins to their water, the other 4 are doing fine, just worried about her. Thank you sooooo much in advance.
Feel her crop. I think it may be some sort of crop issue if she's not moving a lot. See if you can smell her breath and see if it smells bad, that usually indicates sour crop.
Oh no what is that?
The crop is a digestive organ on the front of a chicken (where the breast is). If it feels really liquidy that might also mean an issue. I hope that helps :) If they're chicks, though, it might be harder. Hopefully someone can help you with all your questions!
Its hard to tell, its wet from her drinking. She wont law down like the others frustrating and I feel helpless

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