New chicken owner.. Dog attack- need advice please


Jan 20, 2016
So my husband and I just moved out to the country and inherited 3 beautiful jersey giants who we have already fallen in love with. We are in the process of building our dogs a secure fence, but it is not finished yet.
Today, I was headed out with some fresh water for the girls, when my dog pushed past me and flew to the chicken coop and grabbed one of them. I ran after him screaming, and was able to grab him and make him drop her, but she definitely has some puncture wounds and possibly a hurt leg.
I brought her inside wrapped in a towel and held her close to me for about half an hour while I did some research on what to do next. The bleeding stopped and I decided it would be best to bring out a dog crate to her coop and fill it with hay, blankets, food, and water. She is acting much better 3 hours later and ate some meal worms, but I am worried it may be too cold for her tonight on the ground. It is supposed to drop to 24 tonight. We have a heat lamp in the top of the coop where the others perch at night, but she is down on the floor and I don't want her to get too cold. I did cover the crate with blankets.

I read that separating her from her flock could make the others gang up on her and not accept her when she comes back, so I am reluctant to bring her inside. I also don't want to cause her any more stress than she has already been through.
Also, not quite sure what to do about her wounds. I asked my husband to pick up some iodine spray on the way home and see if he can find some liquid antibiotics to put in her water, but is there anything else I should do?
Really don't want to lose her, and just don't know what to do. Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated!
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Sorry to hear such tragedy. I can help you with some of your concerns. Bringing her inside your warm home is a GOOD IDEA. Her recovery will be faster. The few days away from her flock will not make her a total stranger when you bring her back into coop. If she is healthy enough during the day , then let her be with the rest. At night take her into warm to help recovery. I don't know about applying Iodine, or antibiotics. Someone else can tell you more in that area than I.
WISHING YOU BEST and hope she recovers fast. You now do need to solve the dog problem. Fencing the best option.

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