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Julie dingman evans

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May 26, 2020
Hey all!

I'm Kiah and a new chicken owner. I have had chickens when I was a little girl, but that's very faint memories, I have only started getting into chickens this year due to my older sister buying them. Now we have a flock of nine chickens that own the backyard, three babies about 4 weeks, two young Pekins and a Mother hen and her eight 2 week old chicks. They have multiplied by a lot! 😅

We have multiple breeds due to my sister wanting a colourful stock of pet chickens, including a Brown Leghorn, Brahma, Sussex, Pekins, Polish, Plymouth Rock, Frizzles, Wyandottes, Silkie crosses, and some crosses of other things.

Otherwise, we are an animal loving family and own many, many other animals in our suburban life. Including 12 cats, 2 small dogs and 4 horses and a mini pony. So we welcomed the chickens quite readily. But all is good!

I do look forward to meeting everyone and learning more about chickens! Also some pics of my prescious chickens.
They are precious!!! Welcome!


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May 10, 2020
Chester, Nova Scotia
My Coop
My Coop
Hello from Nova Scotia and welcome to BYC! You’ve joined a great and resourceful community! Enjoy your journey!
Beautiful flock!

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