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Hello all! I only recently got chickens (this past July). And started getting eggs within the past month or so. However, I have started thinking about letting some of my eggs hatch this coming spring. I have read that I need to keep the chicks separate from my flock... is this true? Any suggestions on hatching eggs with a brood hen?


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It's true in most cases the other chickens will peck and kill chicks, best to introduce your chicks once they are fairly large or have a separate area in view of the flock for your chicks and broody. Sometime the broody will get picked on also.... Unless she's gone off somewhere private. The only downfall of a broody is you never have one when you want one and always have them when you don't... But they do take great care of the chicks ( in most cases ) Broodiness is a breed trait some have had it bread out, what kind of chickens do you have?
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Hello :frow and Welcome To BYC! You might like to check out the BYC Learning Center articles on broody hens and If you have plenty of room in your coop and make arrangements to let the hen brood and start the chicks within sight of the flock (like a small pen in the coop/run), you can let the hen raise the chicks with the flock, that usually makes integrating the chicks very easy... I like to keep the hen/chicks penned for about the first week or so until I am sure the chicks are doing well.


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Hello there and welcome to BYC!

Definitely follow some of those links that Kelsie has provided. You will want to keep your broody and her babies separated off from the flock. You can keep them in the coop, but fence off her area to protect her and her babies.

Chicks should be at least 3 months old before they are allowed to mix into an adult flock as well.

Good luck and welcome to our flock!

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