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Sep 29, 2020
I am brand new to the Chicken world. I Just bought a house and inherited two hens and a rooster. They are living in a small house around 6’x4’. I have researched and cannot figure out what type of hen/rooster they are. The rooster is extremely aggressive towards me even though I only speak words of admiration to his face. Haha- I’m afraid to let him out because I have two tiny dogs. I just need words of wisdom on how to give them a good life without harming the dogs or myself.


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Aug 14, 2020
North Central Florida
Howdy :frow :welcome . Those are very interesting colors on your roo and the white hen with black comb and beak. I'm not very good at identifying breeds though. Your rooster's job is to protect the hens and you are new. He is doing his job. If he was free-ranging before, then imo it would be okay to let him out again. Just leave your little dogs out of the yard and take some treats with you for distraction when you go put them back in. Chickens like routine. They are creatures of habit. Also, do they drink from those water bottles? Does that water get hot?

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