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    Sep 20, 2014
    I just started my chicken flock a month or so ago. I have a few questions and hope to get some answers. But first let me introduce my flock. My flock started out with…. four Red Sex Link hens, Mattie, Molly, Chicky Wicky (named by granddaughter), and Hazel, and I have one Barneveler hen, Matilda, and two Silkie Roos, George and Gert (was Gertrude until I found out he was a roo, then he became Gert). I also have a Dominick, “Hi Chicken” (my two year old grandson fell in love with her and chased her around trying to catch her the day after I got her and kept saying, “Hi Chicken, Hi Chicken,” therefore she became “Hi Chicken”) and a Black Sex Link hen, “Willy.” (Also named by grandchildren, long story, so I won’t get into that one).
    The four Red Sex Links, Barnevelder, two Silkies were all given to me by the same lady. The Dominick was given to me a few days later. I bought the Black Sex Link from a flea market because I thought she was very pretty.
    My first question is: I want to be able to have some chicks later on in the spring. I was told that I cannot hatch eggs from the Sex Links because they are hybrids. Then I read that if there was a red rooster, that I could hatch the eggs. Which is true?
    The next question: Since I received the Dominick and the Black Sex Link, my other chickens will not accept them. I’ve read about the pecking order and all. It’s been a month for the Dominick and two weeks for the Black Sex Link and they both still stay inside the coop and won’t come out in to the run with the others. I’ve tried several things. Should I build another coop for the two and separate them or should I give them a little more time?
    Another question: I am planning on adding more Barnevelders in my flock. They are very hard to find. In my small community, when I ask around about them, people says they have not heard about that breed of chickens. Where would be a good place to find Barnevelders to add to my flock?
    My last question: I am wanting to get rid of my Silkies since they are both roosters. What kind of Rooster should I replace them with?
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    [​IMG] You got your answers there!! By the way, welcome to BYC! So glad you joined us! Enjoy your chickens!

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