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  1. M EGG

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    May 10, 2016
    Hi! My 1st post & my 1st chicks!! My 4 leghorn/rhode island red chicks are now 8 wks old. Due to the chilly temps & coop/run in process of being built, they are still indoors with outside time when warm enough. They tolerate about 62 degrees on overnight but still may open beak breathe intermittently. Not during the day though. I am monitoring air quality& ventilation & have a few ?s.... do chickens do better with a certain humidity level? I have cockatiels & I know healthy range is around 50%. We use corn cob pellets much less dust. They do not roost yet, just sleep in the pellets although 2 are showing interest in going up at night. They are in a 6'x6' pen in a spare room & a covered big dog crate with pine shavings in tray is the opening to their pen. I tried raising the crate off the floor & offered a ladder but no go. But, the 2 keep looking up trying to jump up. Not sure what to offer them at this point but I know they need something! Think they are all hens & my one girl has a hock(heel bone) deformity. Her one leg is bigger & toes in a bit. Possible issue from incubation?? Wondered if vet wrap & foam can offer a supportive "splint"? She is much less mobile than the others but she will move around & use her wing at times for support. She eats/drinks/poops very well!! Not sure how she will navigate ramps/ ladders...we will definitely get creative to provide her with as much quality of life as her flock mates will have.
    Any advice will be greatly welcomed!!
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    May 11, 2013
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    Anything higher than the floor will make them happy. A piece of firewood, untreated lumber or even an old phonebook.

    Not being able to walk normally could end up being a real problem. But if she is able to live an otherwise normal life, I'd say just wait and see.

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