New chicken quarantine?

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    Jul 17, 2016
    Currently have a new chicken in quarantine. How long should I quarantine? Opinions seem to vary from a week to a month. It's been a week so far. No sign of mites, disease or the like. Also, best practice for introducing her? I have a small run that is attached but separate from my run the ladies use. I was thinking of letting her in that run for a few days so they can see each other. And if all is going well then sneak her in the coop at night. Any other thoughts or opinions?
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    Apr 25, 2015
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    I usually do 2 weeks for quarantining as long as I know where they came from.
    I have tried many different ways of introducing. The method I find that works best is on the beginning of the 3rd week to put a cage in the coop big enough for the hen to move around etc. keep her in there for a week. At the beginning of the 4th week I only let them out during the day and at night I put them back in the cage, since putting them in at night with the other hens without establishing a pecking order can end badly.
    At the beginning of the 5th week I let the chicken out with the other birds in the morning when I let everyone out.

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