New Chicken raiser in Philippines need help

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    Sep 10, 2012
    i'm froilan from Philippines and a i have free-ranged chicken. Sasso, a native chicken of France and Kabir, a native chicken from middle east are the most popular chickens raised here in the Philippines. It meat is not only meaty but is also tasty, its eggs is as tasty as well and have two yolks.This is probably because they are fed with organic food mostly of vegetables and grass.

    For this reason, i was encouraged to start raising my free-ranged chicken where i started with 240 chicks of sasso and 40 chicks of kabir. In the first month everything is going well and my chicks are very active and healthy, but recently, they started to be sick where i don't know what kind of disease they have. Death has already reached about 90 chick and still some are showing symptom of disease. The signs i noticed in they are coughing, watery and swollen eyes, discharge from nose and others, most of the dead chicks have swollen eyes and some have swollen foot, others have no visual signs, they're just dead. I don't know anymore what to do. I tried to look for a vet of a chicken but i couldn't fine one here. I ask the store where i got my chicks but they just gave me antibiotics. the worst thing is i don't know if the antibiotics that they gave really works because there was no improvement to the condition of my chicks and every morning i wake up i find a dead chick. This season of the year is rainy here in the philippines,

    What should I do to treat my sick chicken and how to prevent the disease from spreading. Please anyone help me.
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    I wish I had an answer for you. So sorry about your chicks. Hopefully someone here can help.
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    Honestly, it doesn't sound good. i found two web sites that list some common diseases in the philippines, but i think you need to call the local state agriculture department to ask what diseases are prevalent. Even calling a farm vet somewhere away from you to get that info, at least you will narrow down what it could be.

    and towards the bottom here

    With that many chicks you really need to vaccinate them for whatever is prevalent. They are probably pretty crowded, and adding humidity, whatever it is will run through the entire flock.
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    ncd thats the problem.. vaccine your chicken lasota ncd
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