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13 Years
Feb 9, 2009
My hubby made this for me over the weekend. Check it out at the link below:

I will need to paint it when it is empty.

Tell me what you think and how I can improve it.
I think it's great, and I'm going to use it for planning my own pen. I'll probably make the wooden part a bit taller, and add an outside access to the nest box so I don't have to lift off the roof. I'll also add a door between the coop and the run, probably.

Thanks for posting this!
You are welcome.

This is what I suggest you keep in mind when building your version. My hubby built this for me fast cause I needed it in a hurry. We chose not to make it taller, add outside access to the nest box or put on roofing material because this is our last attempt at a chicken tractor:


This one has been finished forever and been in use as the blue silkie pen for years but I can't find any of those pictures just now.

It is so takes 4 strong men to move it!

Clarkai--you may like this one: by dean

We may add a door to the new one. We have been closing the opening at night with that board you see on the ground beside of it. BTW - all the top is hinged for easy access.

Cannot wait to see the pictures of yours.
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Thank you all for your nice comments. I did put it on the coop page...just to give people ideas.

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